A letter from Maren Selvaag

I was in Lofoten in the spring of 2016. The year before I went on a sailing trip with SeilNorge from Træna to Henningsvær. It was my first trip to the north of Norway, and I was thrilled. We sailed in all kinds of weather, and I just loved the feeling of the wind blowing in my face. When we arrived at Henningsvær, we felt so severe who had crossed the Vestfjord in such weather. Someone told us about their half-year course in climbing and skiing in Lofoten, and there I was, still in full euphoria, so I said YES! That’s something for me.

I’ve been following my big dream and ambition as a musician from I was around 14 years old. When I finished my master in the performing piano, I knew I wanted something more. I needed a change in my environment and to have other interests other than music. For the first time in my life, I was away from the piano for weeks.

Me on Geitgaljetind.
NordNorsk KlatreSkole.
View from Rock’n Roll climbing route

NordNorsk Klatreskole in Henningsvær, Lofoten is best known for its week-long courses in traditional climbing in the summer and some skiing and skiing courses in the winter. However, they also have a half-year course in alpinism, which is an introduction to all kinds of mountain hikes and expeditions. I want to say in a way that; lucky me who did not know what I was going to. I thought we were skiing in the winter and climb soft routes in the sunsets during the summer. I did not understand the difference between trad and sport climbing before I took this course.
Being an adult beginner hurts both the ego and the muscles. However, in many ways, I’m glad I was a beginner in this course. I had so little opinions about how things should be – which was liberating. However, nothing strikes the feelings of adrenaline and sending a route. The feeling of conquering something that initially felt impossible is just an indescribable feeling.

L: Detail trad climbing course. R: The climbing paradise “Kalle” – First trip.

My favorites

First, I must mention Henningsvær, the home of my heart. Secondly, Bunesstranda, which has been voted to Norway’s most beautiful beach. For skiing, Geitgalletind was a favorite, and for climbing I think the route Bare Blueberries became my favorite (See images above). There are also great traverses for climbing or skiing, such as Småalltindan and Småkalltindantraversen. And for restaurants; “Du verden” in Svolvær has amaaazing sushi. We stayed in a bed room for 4 people at the Climbing Cafe (quite cramped).

My plans now

I want to go back to the nature! So now I’m going out with a Caddy Maxi and a piano to travel across Norway. I will compose new music and go climbing and skiing with new and old friends – everything I love in life summarized.

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