A letter from Line Tveter:

In South of France there is a mountain area called Gorges du Verdon. A ravine stretches 25 kilometers through the landscape. At most, it is 700 meters from the bottom to the top. The mountain walls are mainly vertical. The mountain is limestone and of good quality. Imagine a climbing range that is 25 kilometers long and 700 meters high! Verdon is a mecca for climbing. 

I was in Verdon in April 2017. It was one of several stops on a one-month climbing road trip in Southern of France. We visited several classic crags for sport climbing, which certainly met our expectations. However, now, a few months later, there is no doubt that Gorges du Verdon made a considerable impression.

You can go to Verdon to climb tough sports climbing routes. We came here to climb multi-pitches, which are the deal with Verdon, in my opinion. There are hundreds of multi-pitches, on both sides of the ravine, you can pick and choose. Some routes are bolted, some are for trad climbing, and some are mixed routes. Choose a route carefully. Some routes are very sparsely bolted, especially those that were established a few decades ago. Oh my god, climbers were tough back in the days! (Tip: Google “Patrick Edlinger“.) To get to the entrance to the routes, you either have to go down into the ravine, or you have to rappel down. Rappelling 200-300 meters down to the bottom feels quite “committing.” It’s just one way up. Difficult, but it also adds an extra boost to the whole experience. Moreover, doesn’t beer, wine, pizza and anything else taste even better after such a day? I’m pretty sure about that.

Photo: Line Tveter and Jon Olav Grepstad