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Mallorca in Spain has something to offer everyone – for those who prefer lazy days on the beach and those seeking more action. If you like sport climbing and adventure with a real adrenaline rush, you’ve come to the right place. On Mallorca, you can climb some of the world’s best deep-water soloing (DWS) routes. Besides, you can rent a bike, go hiking in the mountains or relax on one of Mallorca’s many beaches.

Cala Magranaer

I traveled to Mallorca with my friend Katinka, who had never tried outdoor climbing before. Everyone can climb in Mallorca; there are hundreds of routes for all levels. However, remember always to bring your climbing guidebook and make sure in advance that there are routes on your grade at the crag you are planning to go to. You should know how to set and clean a top-rope anchor unless you’re traveling with someone who can do that for you.

Katinka on her first climb outside, Cala Magraner

Hiking in the Tramuntana Mountains

The possibilities are many for those who like short or long hiking tours. A well-known hiking trip is the Dry Stone Route where you walk for several days in the Tramuntana mountain range. This unique landscape, which is also set on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is really worth exploring. But of course, it requires more time and planning.

We didn’t have plenty of time, so we decided to go for a day trip to the mountains in Sollér. We parked the car near Port de Sollér and took a few hours up the hill. It was a great day with a beautiful view of Sollér and steep hiking.

Trekking in Serra De Tramuntana, Sollèr

Deep Water Soloing

In DWS you climb unsecured on cliffs in the water. If you fall, you will of course fall into the water, which in many cases may be many meters. Mallorca has lots of nice routes for DWS, including one of the world’s hardest routes, Es Pontas (9a +). Close to Es Pontas and Santanyi you will find Tijuana, a nice location with good holiday atmosphere and of course lots of sport climbing.

I will not dive deep into DWS climbing in this article, as this is something I do not have experience with. However, since I initially intended to try it during my stay at Mallorca, I have some advice for you. If you visit Mallorca early in the season (May-June) the temperature in the water may be a bit low, which is why many chose to wear a wet suit. I would recommend you to go with someone who has experience with DWS or other water activities for the sake of safety and security. Moreover, do not go alone! Many of the cliffs are difficult to get to, so read the climbing guidebook carefully. Some places you can climb down, elsewhere you have to go out by boat. I was recommended to buy a cheap inflatable boat at a supermarket. Good advice.

Es Pontas 9A+, Santanyi

Clothing and equipment

It’s not always easy to know what to bring on a trip like this. Some people climb with shorts and sports bra others wear pants and t-shirts. In some places, you may be exposed to much sunlight, so be careful if you have little clothes on. I climbed mostly with shorts and a singlet or sports bra. Bring a hat or cap to protect your head from the sun.

Some of the climbing sites can be hard to find, although it is well explained in the guidebook. Bring good shoes (running shoes), and water should not be forgotten. Remember that there is a big difference in the temperature in the morning versus mid-day when the sun is at its highest.


Where to stay?

If you are going to Mallorca to climb or travel around, it’s not important where you decide to stay. It depends, of course, on your preferences. Either way, you have to rent a car to get around to the climbing locations. We stayed at a nice and affordable apartment hotel on the east coast of Sol Romantica, close to Manacor. The hotel was not particularly central, so we had to drive to the closest village when we wanted to eat at a restaurant. I’m a fan of renting through Airbnb, but this time it was cheaper with the hotel.

Mallorca is not a large island, so you get to the other side within an hour and a half.

Tijuana, Santanyi
Checking out routes on Tijuana