Letter from Ida Lien Vindvik:

Of all the places I’ve been there are few places as magic and beautiful as Lofoten. I remember sitting on my surfboard, looking around and all I thought was: This place is going to be my home!

After a holiday trip with my best friend, I was completely in love with Lofoten. We rented a van, which we lived in and just drove around for two weeks up here. The atmosphere here is really amazing and we met many nice people. A few weeks later I signed up for a surf camp for girls in November. I’m not particularly fond of the dark, neither cold water and weather so I was a bit curious how that would be – but it was such a wonderful experience. A few months later, just before Easter this year, I moved to Lofoten.

Lost my fear of heights somewhere on the way

I tested climbing for the first time last summer, when I climbed Svolværgeita. It’s one of the coolest things I have done. The feeling you get at the top is indescribable. I felt I had to work really hard with myself on my way up Geita. But I actually lost my fear of heights somewhere on the way.

I have gotten a lot of new friends up here who also climbs and I got climbing gear for my birthday, so now I can´t wait to climb more.

A trip that changed a lot

I went to Morocco with Lapoint for the first time in 2013. That week I met extremely many good people and it actually changed my life – no matter how cliché it sounds. I had a lot of aha experiences and I guess in that moment I decided what kind of life I would live in the future.

There have been many nice trips in the recent years. I am very fond of Sri Lanka and have been there several times. It’s extremely beautiful, lots of colours and I love saltwater, palms and cold beer!


Just pack your bag – follow your dream!

When traveling alone, you are challenging yourself and it does not take long before you find that you are rarely actually alone. My biggest advice is to just do it and don´t think too much. Just pack your bag and follow your dream! If you regret it, it’s no shame to turn around. All experience is good experience. It’s important to stop thinking about what you want and not what everyone expects from you. Do what makes you happy, it’s after all your life!

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Photographer: Kari de Boer