A letter from Karoline Lund:

“Let’s escape this New Years weekend and go somewhere!” Miriam naturally responds: “Yes, let’s go to Ula.” While all of our friends and family had plans for the big celebration, we would rather like some peace. We wanted to be out in nature and celebrate a fresh beginning of the coming year.

Ula is a small place close to Larvik in Norway. It’s a popular holiday, camping, and last but not least a bouldering destination. 

We arrived late as usual and found a beautiful, private place by a creek. Few things are more magical than the dinner made over the fireplace before the sunset in silence.

It was the last day of the year, but there was no sign of winter in the air. The sound of the ocean and waves breaking down to the beach, making something that reminded me a lot about the foam in a bubble bath. The sun colored the foam pink and orange and there, and then it was like nature’s most beautiful spa department.

The morning coffee was ready, and the 27 crags app was up running and the oatmeal along the way. Perhaps it was not so accidental that it was here we found the perfect place to celebrate the New Year? We weren’t the only crazy people in the area, though, while we were sitting there with three layers of wool and sleeping bags, a small crowd of grown-up ladies came down to the beach. Before we saw them, we could hear they laughed as they passed and proceeded towards the sea. What on earth are they doing? It was not the result of a bet or a whim of madness on the last day of the year. In that case, they would yell and shout, and ran as fast as they could back on land. They were enjoying it. It was as beautiful as impressive! So it was the SPA department we had found, I thought.

Inspired by these women, there was no reason to be lazy. We changed from wool to our tights (in Norwegian “Syretights”) and spent the day among the many boulders along the beautiful shoreline. It was, unfortunately, a bit wet after a cold night. We eventually ended up on the beach in the afternoon when it was drier and got to work on a couple of boulder problems.

“Do you live here, now?” Exclaimed the locals who passed the camp. Not because it is strange that people camp here, it is, after all, a popular camping area. It was probably the time of the expedition that caused the attention. It’s never too early for camping, at least if you have a fire to keep you warm and a cozy atmosphere. Amelia Earhart is a woman we like to talk about. She was tough, beautiful, and wild, and she went her way and lived passionately for what she believed. Most of all, Amelia was an adventurer, just like us, we like to think. She was an American pilot and author. Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In an attempt to fly around the world in 1937, Earhart disappeared somewhere above the middle of the Pacific near Howland Island. Without traces of the airplane, her life, career, and disappearance have been a source of constant fascination and wonder.

We have taken her word on: “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” In the belief that life is best if you passionately live the adventure you seek.