A letter from me:

My first bouldering trip abroad went to the one and only Fontainebleau (Font) in France. It’s true, this is a boulderer’s paradise. Font is one of the world’s most popular bouldering destinations with over 20.000 thousand bouldering problems in all grades.

I had heard a lot about Font from climbing friends, so of course I had to experience it myself. I didn’t regret that decision for a second. The stones are just brilliant and so fascinating, so are the nature around. In some areas you’ll find sand covering the ground all over, in between the forest.

There are bouldering problems EVERYWHERE. For EVERYONE!

Bas Cuvier

I travelled with some friends of mine from Oslo, who I had been bouldering together with for a little while. A couple of them have been bouldering for years, so I was lucky to have both strong and experienced guides with me. Also, strong spotters – some of the boulders are scary and high, so the guys saved my day a couple of times. It felt reassuring to have four strong men to catch me if I fell.

Even though the guys I´m bouldering with are much stronger than me and climb harder, I didn’t feel weak or stupid at all, actually more of the opposite. You learn so much climbing with people who are better than yourself. Fontainebleau makes you stronger, no kidding. Also, you get more confident, especially in trusting your feet, and psyche.

I will definitely return to Font (asap please), then I will finish the 6a classic La Marie Rose – Cuvier (so annoyingly close), 6c Duroxmanie – Cuvier and project more at 7a+ L’Angle Ben’s – Franchard Isatis.

6c Duroxmanie – Cuvier
Bas Cuvier
Bas Cuvier

Pinakkel knitted cap in Fontainebleau