By Karoline Lund:

PINAKKEL, it’s perfect! Also, it sounds like spetakkel (a Norwegian word, can’t explain it) and that’s us! We smiled, and at that moment we knew that this was the beginning of something exciting. If you look up the word Pinakkel (pinnacle) in a dictionary, you might understand why we chose this name. Pinakkel means: “Highest level, Peak of perfection.” Which in many ways recreates where it started, the desire for climbing clothes with a peak of perfection, design-wise.

The journey had started. A dream and two girls with victory in their mind.

For the few people who took the trip out in the storm this Friday in September, the sight of two girls camping in a kind of a cave by the ocean may have been a strange sight. There is a lot of stubbornness and willpower behind the completion of that trip. It was the wildest and most beautiful nature, and the idea of ​​setting up a tent blew quickly at sea. However, there was no way back. The darkness was approaching, and we agreed that if it meant to sleep right on the beach without any shelter, then it just had to be so. Finally, we found a suitable place. Nature had made a shelter. Two delighted girls were camping under a perfect bouldering overhang. It is far from any Big Wall climbing on Hvasser, but there is a beautiful view of what’s left of the washed-down Tjønneberget. We didn’t have a guidebook for the routes, so we climbed some accessible routes in the strong wind, but there was no less fun for that reason.